Fast chess features

Fast chess is an application with a chess clock, chess in two-player mode or against the Stockfish chess engine, version 5. The basic views are Chess clock, Chess board and Settings. The default view is Chess clock. You can save your favourite settings including the start view setting. With cover actions either Chess clock or Chess board can be initiated with your favourite settings.

The app has been translated to German, Finnish, Dutch and Polish. Contributions for translations can be made at Project name is shakkikello.

Chess clock

The default timer is 5 minutes for White and Black. Timer values can be adjusted by one minute interval. After pressing the start button the timer works with swipes or by pressing the timers as buttons. Screen switch-off time value is recommended to be increased depending the intensity of the game.

Chess board

Chess board is selected from Settings view. Chess can be played in two player mode or against the Stockfish chess engine.